Unpaid Toll Notice (UTN) Questions

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What is an Unpaid Toll Notice?

An Unpaid Toll Notice (UTN) is a notice issued by the Expressway Authority for the failure to pay multiple tolls. The E-PASS tolling system is equipped to take a picture of the license plate of the vehicle failing to pay a toll. Multiple failures to pay a toll are “bundled” into a monthly notice that is mailed to the address on the vehicle’s registration requesting payment.

What do I do if I receive an Unpaid Toll Notice?

If you are an existing E-PASS, SunPass or LeeWay customer, contact your respective service center first to ensure your vehicle information is up to date and that your account has money.  If you do not have E-PASS, click "PAY Your UTN/UTC" web link to pay the unpaid toll(s) on line with a credit card or call the Toll Enforcement Office at 407-690-5200. 

What if I drive through a tolling point and do not pay?

If you do not have a prepaid toll account such as E-PASS or SunPass and you drive through a tolling point and do not pay, a photo will be taken of your license plate at each tolling point and an Unpaid Toll Notice for the unpaid tolls will be sent to the address on the vehicle’s registration.  If paid by the due date, no further action will be taken.

How will you find out who I am in order to bill me?

The E-PASS tolling system is equipped to take pictures of the vehicle’s license plate as it travels through the tolling point. The license plate data provides the needed information to obtain the registered owner’s address so a notice can be generated and mailed. 

What if I want to pay a missed toll now and not receive an invoice?

If you know the exact location, date, estimated time and amount of your tolls, you can send a check or money order to:

Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority
Violation Enforcement Section

PO Box 585070
Orlando, FL 32858-5070

Make your check or money order payable to the Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority and include the vehicle’s license plate and State where the vehicle is registered.

If you do not know the amount of your tolls or wish to pay by credit or debit, please wait ten business days and then call 407-690-5200.

What if I am driving someone else’s vehicle or they are driving mine?

An Unpaid Toll Notice for the missed tolls would be mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle. By law, the owner of the vehicle is responsible for the toll payment even if someone else uses that vehicle. 

What if I get on the toll road by accident? Do I still have to pay?

Yes.  Tolls may only be waived in a few instances.  Examples would be in the event of a state of emergency (hurricane) or due to the specific instructions of law enforcement to prevent an unsafe condition. 

I have an account from another Florida toll agency (SunPass, LeeWay), why did I receive an Unpaid Toll Notice?

There are two reasons why this could occur.  The most common is because your transponder was not read and your vehicle license plate was not registered on your account.  Also, if your account was out of money you could receive an Unpaid Toll Notice.  In either case you should contact the agency that issued your transponder and correct the issue.  Once this is done, follow the directions listed on the Unpaid Toll Notice to ensure the unpaid tolls are satisfied.

E-PASS: 407-823-7277
SunPass: 888-865-5352
Leeway: 239-533-9297

How often will I receive an Unpaid Toll Notice?

Once you have traveled on the expressway and failed to pay a toll two times within 30 days, you will receive an Unpaid Toll Notice within one to two months of the violation, depending on when the image was processed. For any subsequent travel, you will receive a monthly invoice. 

What if I receive an Unpaid Toll Notice for a license plate I no longer have?

If you no longer own the vehicle, you will need to contact the appropriate department of motor vehicles to correct their registration information. You will also need to provide an affidavit verifying that you are no longer the vehicle owner. 

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